A new experience; a new challenge

As I begin to write my first blog, I can certainly say that it is with trepidation that I do so.  I feel I am entering a new world!  Please don’t get me wrong, I have much I wish to say and to shout about, but it is the world of blogging that I feel so unfamiliar with.

I would not class myself as a luddite when it comes to technology, and I embrace the speed at which the world of social media is moving, and mostly for good.  Why then do I feel this way?  This world of instant communication is one which in our children are constantly bombarded.  Do they feel this way?  Are they really showing the ‘native ability’ compared to my ‘immigrant efforts’?

So, enough is enough.  It is time to conquer fears and set myself a challenge.  How am I to lead children of the future if I am not prepared to get ‘stuck in’ myself?



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